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Meet Our Residents

Get to know the lucky animals that live at Ghost Owl Farm!

Sponsor a Friend

Have you ever dreamed of having a horse or a farm animal of your very own? Although the furry friends at Ghost Owl Farm are sanctuary and not available for adoption, you can still do the next best thing and sponsor a horse or farm animal!
When you sponsor a sanctuary pet, you will receive a monthly update and new photo. When we open for scheduled tours in the future, you will get the opportunity to come visit! Please view the animal profiles below to learn about them if you are interested in sponsorship!

*Please be sure to notate your sponsorship + the animal you wish to sponsor in the "COMMENTS" section on the DONATE page to ensure that we can properly follow up with you!

Animals listed here are sanctuary. If you are looking for adoptable equine and farm animals, please visit their profiles on our rescue website!


There are more animals happily residing at our wonderful sanctuary, we thank you for your patience while we prepare all of their profiles!

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