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Welcome to Emerald City Pet Rescue Sanctuary - Ghost Owl Farm!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

We are SO excited to finally open this wonderful sanctuary and share our rescued animals with all of our amazing friends and supporters!

Can you believe all of this snow? On one hand, it is absolutely beautiful while on the other hand, it is COLD! Of course all of our animals have state of the art buildings and blankets to keep them cozy as this "midwest winter" continues on.

But how did this beautiful piece of land transform into Ghost Owl Farm? Our founder, Vivian Goldbloom, has always been very passionate about not only the welfare of domestic animals, but equine and farm animals well. Emerald City Pet Rescue was founded in 2013 and we began rescuing cats, dogs, and other small animals. Along this rescue journey, she encountered the harsh truth that horses are sold to kill buyers in Mexico and Canada for slaughter. She realized there was a great need to save these at-risk animals and she decided to offer them a place to live where they will be safe, cared for, and happy for the rest of their lives. Vivian had always envisioned this sanctuary on beautiful and tranquil Vashon Island, but it took years to find just the right location. Once the property was purchased, it took about three years of planning and construction to create a place where these animals would have a chance to live life surrounded by beautiful scenery, state-of-the-art facilities, and a group of loving, dedicated staff members to look after them every day, 365 days a year. They receive top medical care and most importantly, they get to enjoy life to its fullest. Our staff's most important job is to ensure that each individual animal's unique needs are met, and that they receive a lot of love. We do not ride our rescue horses, but all animals at the sanctuary receive plenty of physical and mental stimulation. There are lots of large fields for them to frolic and graze. Stalls have runs so the animals can always enjoy fresh air. Each animal that we have rescued and brought to this sanctuary has their own profile, feel free to learn about all of them here. We are very excited to share these animals with you, and to bring you all along on their life-journeys. Thank you for being such wonderful friends and supporters of our mission; to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome (for our adoptable animals) pets that are in need. Have a happy and safe 2022!

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